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Ukrainian Delegates to Visit CSU Stanislaus

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A delegation of six attorneys from Ukraine will visit California State University, Stanislaus on Monday to share about the ongoing situation in their home country.

The Ukrainian delegates will give a short public presentation at 3 p.m. March 24 in Bizzini Hall room C102 on the CSU Stanislaus campus.

They will discuss how current affairs in Ukraine are affecting their home regions, and will hold a short Q&A period after the presentation.

The public presentation on the CSU Stanislaus campus is one of three presentations the Ukrainian delegates will give.

One will be a private presentation for a class taught by Dr. Marjorie Sanchez-Walker. The other will be another public presentation held in the McHenry Museum basement at 5:30 p.m. March 26, said Modesto Sister Cities International President Adrian Harrell.

The delegates are visiting California to learn about American matters pertaining to Civic Rule of Law. The visit is part of the Open World Program, a congressionally funded program that promotes democracy in former soviet countries by bringing delegates to see how U.S. government runs on a national, state and local level.

The attorneys will also be visiting the Stanislaus County Courthouse to see how U.S. judges preside over cases, said Harrell.

The delegation is being hosted by Modesto Sister Cities International, a non-profit organization that maintains international relations with seven cities around the world, including Khmelnitsky, Ukraine. 

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