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Victim Claims Attack and Robbery at Senior Center, Police Find and Arrest Suspect

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department

A victim reported to the Turlock Police Department that a suspect struck him and took his property while at the Turlock Senior Center on Friday night.

Turlock Police was informed about a robbery on Oct. 2, at 8:07 p.m., at 1191 Cahill Street, when a 25 year old victim went to the Police station to make a report.

The victim said that he was working on his bicycle in the parking lot of the Senior Center, when he was hit in the head multiple times from behind and was eventually pushed, which gave the victim the ability to see who assaulted him.

After the victim identified the suspect by a nickname, officers had done a history check and got an identification of the suspect through a photo lineup.

Richard Russell, a 34 year old -male and resident of Turlock, was spotted the next morning after his information was broadcasted out to officers.

Russell was found by officers in the area of Soderquist and Canal, by the graveyard in Turlock, according to TPD Public Information Officer Mayra Lewis.

Russell allegedly robbed the victim of his cellphone and miscellaneous hand tools that have yet to be recovered. Russell claimed that the victim owed him money but did not have none, so he took what was in sight.

The victim was escorted to a nearby hospital for non-life threatening injuries after police saw him at the station. 

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