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Wynonna Rocks Opening Night of the Stanislaus County Fair

Kailey Fisicaro/TurlockCityNews.com

The anticipation was thick in the air at the Stanislaus County Fair’s Bud Light Variety Free Stage Friday night, as audience members awaited the appearance and performance of their favorite redheaded diva and band, Wynonna & the Big Noise.

Although Wynonna was fashionably late to her own show, opening night Fair-goers didn’t seem to mind, and cheered with excitement as she glided out to the middle of the stage arms stretched wide into the air, guitar in place around her neck.

Wynonna chastised those who raised their hands admitting it was their first time seeing her live in show, by dropping her jaw and asking them “what the hell?”

But soon after, with the expected sparkle and force a five-time GRAMMY winner and Academy of Country Music Top Female Artist warrants, Wynonna lit up the stage with powerful vocals and rocking country songs.

Wynonna told her fans she was happy to be in California where attitude is welcome, and in turn, the fans welcomed her.

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