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Young Turlocker Needs Kidney, Family Asking Community for Help


Manjinder Singh, a 26 year old Turlock man who suffers from a kidney failure autoimmune disease, is looking for someone willing to donate a kidney.

Diagnosed over 2 years ago, Singh was a top tennis player and studying to become a doctor. He is currently studying and preparing to take the mcat but he needs a kidney soon.

Despite Singh feeling “ok” for a while, his recent blood results were bad enough that he had to be admitted to the E.R.

His doctor told him two weeks ago that he had a month to find a kidney or they would have to start dialysis.

“Let that sink in; 26 year old who is a top athlete, true scholar, ranked top tennis player in California but now he has to be on dialysis,” stated his older brother, Pawandeep Bains Buttar.

Due to poor results on his blood work, Singh has been placed on dialysis 2 weeks earlier than expected. He undergoes this treatment 3 times a week.

Singh’s blood type is A+ and he is hoping to find an organization or individual who can help him.

If you have any helpful information, you can contact his family members at (209) 648-7567, (209) 648-3285, or pardsing@cisco.com.

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