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Alleged Killer’s YouTube Account Shows Gunfire, Explosives, Illegal Driving


The YouTube account belonging to Pardeep Singh, one of the alleged killers of Amritpal Sandhu, includes videos of gunfire, improvised explosives, and reckless driving at speeds more than double the speed limit.

Sandhu, 21, of Modesto, was killed early in the morning of Nov. 6 near Downtown Turlock, following an extended car-chase shooting. Singh, 21, and Kultar Singh Dhatt, 22, both of Turlock, face murder charges for the incident. Singh also faces charges of assault with a firearm, and shooting at an inhabited dwelling or occupied car.

One video on Singh's YouTube, “38 mg,” posted two years ago, includes sounds of gunfire and the muzzle flash from a firing weapon.

Another video, “06 Altima SE-R hittin 140,” appears to show Singh driving 140 miles-per-hour on Highway 99. The video was also posted two years ago.

And the video “new year's eve” from 2012 shows Singh and friends lighting an improvised explosive and throwing it from the window of a moving car. In that video, they also stop their vehicle in the middle of the street, then get out and dance in the middle of an intersection.

Other videos also feature Singh and friends pointing their hands like guns, and making machine gun-like sounds. And another video features words spelled out with shotgun shells.

The shooting began at roughly 1:25 a.m., when Sandhu called 9-1-1 to report that unknown men were shooting at him while driving down Highway 99. Shortly thereafter, gunshots were reported near Downtown Turlock.

Sandhu was found dead in his car, a white Inifiniti sedan, just a few blocks away. The car jumped the curb in front of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church at the intersection of East Main Street and Minaret Avenue. Bullet casings were located on Pioneer Avenue, and the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department Dive Team later searched the Donnelly Park lake for the murder weapon.

A family friend of Sandhu told TurlockCityNews.com that Singh held a grudge against Sandhu, and had previously shot at Sandhu's garage. The man asked not to be named.

He said that Sandhu was a good person, who graduated from a Ceres High School and worked as a beverage delivery driver to provide for his parents.

View Pardeep Singh's YouTube videos below,

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