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California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner CSUS Commencement Speech, List of Graduates

Steve Poizner, California Insurance Commissioner, was the commencement keynote speaker at CSU, Stanislaus.

Poizener spoke on “risk” and that while life is inherently risky, risk is a very good thing.

The graduates and audience heard about Poizner’s own risks he took and the rewards from taking the risks.

Poizner congratulated the graduates on their great achievement and hoped they were already planning their next great risk.

“Go out on a limb—that’s where the fruit is. Climb all the mountains that call you, no matter what the reason,” said Poizner. ”TAKE A RISK! Then, whether you fail or succeed, take another. We’re Californians, and the joy of risk-taking runs through our veins.”

Poizner’s complete speech is below along with the CSU, Stanislaus list of graduates. 

Take A Risk!
Steve Poizner
Thank you very much, President Shirvani, for your warm welcome to CSU Stanislaus today and for that very kind introduction.
In my current job as California’s insurance commissioner, I give lots of speeches up and down the state, and sometimes the introductions don’t go nearly as well. I recently spoke at a high school near my home in San Jose, and the student who introduced me had an incredibly bored look on her face. Her introduction of me was short and sweet, “This is Mr. Poizner. He’s been an engineering geek in Silicon Valley for twenty years, and now he’s into insurance”, and she sat down.
When I got home that evening, I couldn’t help but ask my seventeen-year-old daughter, Rebecca, “Why’d you introduce me that way?”
That’s a true story I’m sorry to report, and I’m sure a bunch of you here were just as excited as Rebecca was when you heard that the insurance commissioner was speaking today. But to put you at ease, I promise not to talk about actuarial science or earthquake-risk models. Yet I do want to say a few words about the reason insurance exists—and that’s because life is inherently risky. And I’d like to suggest to you that risk is a very good thing.
Those of you who graduate today richly deserve the accolades you’ll receive. Let me be among the first to heartily congratulate you on your very significant achievement. Your professors, colleagues, friends, and parents will also offer you lots of advice, and much of that advice will no doubt suggest great caution as you step into the wider world.
Because these are especially challenging times, people who care greatly about your future will likely urge you stay close to home, to work in the family business or to take a job with a proven and stable company. Friends will advise you to put off a graduate degree until your student loans are paid, or maybe to choose your accounting skills over your talent for photography. These kinds of admonitions are universally heartfelt, and they’re meant to keep you safe from calamity, failure, and heartache.
But if you’ll hear me out for just a few moments before you head out into the world, I’d like to suggest something starkly different. My message to each of you today is TAKE A RISK!
Do the very thing you’re most PASSIONATE about at this moment in your life. Seize the opportunity that your accomplishment here offers you, and make your life a reflection of the very best you have to give.
Perhaps no one on this stage knows better than your distinguished president— an immigrant to this country who’s achieved great things in architecture and education—that people around the world long have looked to the United States as a nation where individuals are free to listen to their souls and take risks that enlarge their lives.
It’s true, too, that Americans have always looked to OUR state where risktaking and its rewards are most highly honored. I could share the stories of thousands of immigrants and native Californians who have taken great risks when others counseled caution, but I’ll only highlight a couple of Stanislaus County fellows you may have heard of.
By the time Prohibition was finally repealed in 1933, the state’s wine-making industry was all but destroyed. Yet two Modesto brothers, just 23- and 24-years old, decided to take a risk. They had learned grape-growing from their immigrant Italian father; they pooled a bit of cash with a $5,000 loan, rented a $60 a month warehouse, and studied wine-making pamphlets that they’d found buried in the basement of the Modesto Public Library. In only a few years, the two brothers were selling wine to Central Valley bottlers, and in 1940, they introduced their first wines with their own names on the bottles. Today, the Ernest and Julio Gallo Winery is the largest winemaker in the world, and the company produces one of every three bottles of wine sold in America.
Stories like theirs of risk-taking endeavors that became tremendously successful have been retold constantly across this broad and bountiful valley—and throughout our state—and I can confess that I’m here today solely because I was drawn here, too. I wasn’t lured by California’s great agricultural or mining heritages, or the aviation industry, or Hollywood, but to a new kind of business that got underway in the early 1970s in a part of central California that used to be known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight. Nowadays, we call it Silicon Valley.
I grew up in Houston, and graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in electrical engineering. The safe thing would have been to go back to Houston, but I knew I wanted to MAKE THINGS—innovative things that improved people’s lives—and in 1978, Silicon Valley was a place where cutting-edge new companies were sprouting virtually every day. So I took the risky path, and set out for California.
I had this idea. I wanted to invent life saving technology that would put GPS receivers into cell phones, so that when people dial 911 in an emergency, the police will know exactly where you are calling from. But the development would be expensive—and very uncertain—and the first venture capitalists I approached could hardly contain their laughter. One fellow wouldn’t even hear me out because what I proposed was “LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE,” he claimed. Another swore I was trying to sell him “WITCHCRAFT.”
The technology had obvious benefits for the military, too, but no one at the Department of Defense was willing to take me seriously either, until I challenged a Marine colonel working at the Pentagon to test my new technology against the military’s current soldier-tracking capabilities. It was a “bet the company” risk—and the colonel wanted to prove that he did NOT need the help of a bunch of engineers from Silicon Valley. So we met near Pier 39 in San Francisco for a showdown. The colonel outfitted a strapping, twenty-year-old Marine with existing equipment used by the military to track their soldiers. It literally filled a huge backpack. Representing my company was an out-of-shape, forty-year old engineer named Howie. He simply stuck the small cell-phone equipped with my company’s location chip in his shirt pocket. And off they went.
But I’d forgotten one small detail—San Francisco has LOTS of very steep hills. Inside an RV command post, the colonel and I watched two dots on a computer monitor loaded with Yahoo maps—the green dot that represented the Marine and a red dot that tracked Howie. Everything was fine for a while and the two dots slowly moved across the screen together. But then the red dot suddenly stopped as the green dot continued on, and I could see a grin begin to curl onto the colonel’s face. “Looks like you’ve got a problem there,” he said, but I couldn’t imagine what it could be till Howie called me. He hadn’t been able to keep up with the Marine, he confessed, so he’d stopped at a Starbuck’s for a cup of coffee. I couldn’t believe it. Thank goodness a little caffeine was all Howie needed to get back on his feet and complete the trek through San Francisco.
It was that Marine colonel’s glowing final report about my technology that made all the difference in the end. I found financial backers after that, and after only five years in business, I sold my company to Qualcomm. And today, that laughable, impossible, so-called “witchcraft” technology is the industry standard, can be found in more than SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION mobile phones around the world, and has saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives.
My next challenge was to apply what I learned in business, to public service. So I left the private sector behind, and went to work in the White House as part of the counter-terrorism team in the National Security Council. Hard to believe, but my start date was September 4, 2001—just one week before the September 11 attacks.
Shortly after the attacks, and with a presumption that more attacks on Washington DC could be coming, my boss, Richard Clarke, the chief counterterrorism czar for three presidents, told me that because I hadn’t originally signed up for physically dangerous work, he would understand if I chose to be reassigned. But I assured him that the White House was where I wanted to remain.
In that case, he explained, I’d have to learn how to put on a bio-hazard body suit and gas-mask in under thirty seconds. The secret-service agent who trained me warned that I needed to keep the suit in a gym bag and carry it everywhere I went. So, I took the body suit and gas mask home that night, and my wife and daughter were pretty horrified to see what my new work entailed.
I ultimately became responsible for planning emergency communications for the Salt Lake City Olympics and protecting the Internet and power grids from potential terrorist attacks. And during that time, I was constantly aware that millions of lives depended on the quality of the work we did. We faced huge risks, but those responsibilities entrusted to me were a kind of fuel that inspired me to do my best. Indeed, facing risk brings out the best in all of us.
When I returned home to the state I’d come to love, I was confronted again by California’s many pressing challenges, and by how many new competitors we faced— not just from other states, but around the world. Because of the Internet, there are now THREE HUNDRED MILLION highly educated, aggressive, businesspeople, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs in India, China, and Russia ALONE who, for the first time in the history of our planet, can compete head-to-head with us by simply plugging in-a reality that unleashes incredibly rapid innovation into the marketplace.
Just look at Facebook for example. Facebook has over two-hundred million active users—if Facebook were a country, it would be the FIFTH LARGEST in the world. In China today, there are more people studying English than there are people who SPEAK English here in the United States. And yesterday, more text messages were sent than there are people on the planet. It’s a thrilling time to be alive, and these innovations impact people everywhere.
Yet California is rapidly falling behind, and our public education system—once the bedrock reason for our state’s great accomplishments—faces serious challenges. I am a proud product of public education and looking at the current state of things, I decided that I wanted to help turn things around. So in 2003, 35 years removed from my last being in a high school classroom and armed only with a sincere desire to help, I took the plunge.
Despite the fact that the personnel director at the Eastside Union High School District in urban east San Jose stiffly informed me that nothing I’d done in my entire life qualified me to work in a high school classroom, I finally convinced the principal of Mount Pleasant High School to let me teach for a year.
Since I would be teaching for the first time in my life, I really wanted to get off to a great start, but my first day in the classroom didn’t go exactly as I had planned; I got lots of advice from friends who were teachers, and at their strong suggestion, I marched into the classroom that first day ready to take charge and be as tough as I could be. I introduced myself to a roomful of bright faces, and explained that we were going to form a team and work very hard as we studied twelfth-grade American Government. Anyone who wasn’t ready to join us, I proclaimed, should get up and leave.
EVERYONE in the room got up and left. I was in the wrong classroom. I’ve never worked harder in my life than I did at Mount Pleasant High School, but I have also never felt as accomplished. That year in the classroom gave me a profound new respect for the many roles teachers play in the lives of their students. It’s the setting where the brightest young minds in our state are nurtured, and where more than a few lives are literally saved. I recommend teaching to anyone who truly longs to make a difference.
This is the essence of my message to you today. Look to the life experiences of others only to stimulate your own imagination. Use their experiences not as a template, but rather as an inspiration to help you find your own unique contributions. Look solely into your own heart for the answer to what paths you should follow in the years ahead.
Be it in the Silicon Valley, the White House, in the classroom or in public service, I’ve discovered that I really love trying to accomplish the so-called impossible, and I think you’ll find exactly the same thing. Nothing makes you feel more alive than setting out to do something that is difficult to achieve.
Class of 2009, I heartily congratulate you today on your great achievement, and I hope you’re already planning your next great risk. Go out on a limb—that’s where the fruit is. Climb all the mountains that call you, no matter what the reason. TAKE A RISK! Then, whether you fail or succeed, take another. We’re Californians, and the joy of risk-taking runs through our veins.
I wish you great risks. And I wish us all their great rewards. Thank you very much.
2009 California State University, Stanislaus
Bachelor’s Degree Recipients
Hoover, AL
Krissy Lindley
Glendale, AZ
Kevin Michael Maloney
Sierra Vista, AZ
Nike Tara Landowski
Albert P Spagnola
Nancy R. Contreras
American Canyon
Ashley Mary Nunes
Rosie Elysse Chochrek
Angels Camp
Kala Meghan Dean
Kyle Joaquin Garcia
Heather Lynn Greer
Lydia Marie Stafford
Jeevanjit Singh
Andrea Gail Pixton
Scott Joseph Kaiser
Joshua D Smith
Allen Anthony Armas
Guadalupe J Becerra
John Walter Burnes
Jarred James Carter
Anthony Martin Cervantes
Nou Chang
Migdalia Olympia Charo
Regina Anne Charron-Strauss
Chaunte D Chastang
Stephannie Ivonne Chavez
Jasvinder S. Chima
Vanessa Faria Da Silveira
Ryan J. Daugherty
Martha Imelda Duran
Brenda   Gonzalez Vallejo
Maria L Guevara
Jenna Christine Henriques
Francisco Javier Hernandez
Sarah Kizer
Rebecca Ann Koehn
Alexander Louis Kyhn
Anthony Dwayne Labuga
Pa Nhia Lee
Kristin Marie Lopez
Luz Elena Lopez
Joshua Robert Lutz
Becky Jean Malloy
Jose Francisco Martinez-Granados
Matthew Geoffrey Mcatee
Shannon Joy-Marie Mccomb
Guadalupe Millan
Erin Elinor Mills
Ann Marie Moua
Chong S Moua
Christy Marie Noriega
Tara Venecia Olfson
Susana Perez
John Forrest Pursley
Esteban Quintero
Julia Marie Roberts
Phillip David Rubalcava
Rosa Maria Sanchez
Cory Ryan Sobotta
Christa Jeanette Tacheira
Brenda Vera
Wendy Louise Vinson
Lacey Amanda Waterman
Sherae Michelle Woodring
Donald K. Woods
Baub P Yang
Susana Denise Ramirez
Navjyot Kullar
Aleta Dove Murray
Taylor Christopher Sherman
Christine Marie Stonecypher
Kimberly Ann Stonecypher
Michael Dillon Wylie
Camp Connell
Christina Lee Telezinski
Domarina Benyamin
Candice Fran Alejandre
Castro Valley
Dany Eduardo Hurtado-Juarez
Miguel Angel Amaya
Sumeet Singh Atwal
Jesuina Lourenco Belerique
Paul Edward Blumberg
Brigitte Monroy Calderon
Oscar Cardenas
Scott C Carrico
Luis Samuel Castro
Rohitesh Chandra
Dawn Cooper
Adam Nathaniel Dusi
David Robert Eichblatt
Omaira Judith Estremera
Mariano Andres Solis Flores
Erika Nicole Garcia
Sandra Garcia
Tearsa Lorene Ghan
Sandeep Singh Gill
Eva Luz Gomez
Pedro Cesar Gonzalez
Rodolfo Gonzalez
Monica Martha Gornik
Mark Andrew Harman
Mario Alberto Heredia
Victor U Jimenez
Kattie F. Jordan
Jaspreet Kaur
Rachel Dianne Kent
Sachinthavy Keo
Graciela Lepper
Cheree Ana Marez
Adam Clinton Medina
Cesar L Mercado
Richard R Mickelson
Moses Min
Shawna Larae Morse
Jeffrey Scott Mulligan
Dan A Olivas
Hobab Olivas
Lan Peng
Laura Perez
Yessenia Franco Perez
Desiree Del Carmen Petit
Keith Allen Porter
Aida Ramos Guzman
Alejandra Ramos
Isabell Andrea Rexford
Maria Dora Ross
Anna Victoria Samuel
Pritpal Singh Sandhu
Sarah Elizabeth Signer
Sandip Kaur Singh
Stephanie Ann Tapp
Teresa G Tejeda
Sai Thao
Shannon Kristina Waldorf
Lamar Brandon Wallace
Nick Leon Weder
Christopher Raine Busse
Todd David Warner
Chula Vista
Chelsey Lee Rhudy
Citrus Heights
Robert Andrew Kenny
Rachel Ann Mathews
Deysy Y Guzman
Melissa F Phillips
Hung Le
Ross Dean Crown
Bo Erik Grunde
Dustin Douglas Alkema
Michael Patrick O’Leary
Keoka Cotton
Sarah Michelle Shamblin
Aaron A Wentzel
Crows Landing
Rachelle Lin Blount
Nathanael Joseph Carlson
Brandon Scott Cole
Monica Delgado
Stefanie Nicole Golling
Juan C Pasillas
James A Gojkovich
Rina Marie Barron
Sonia Esther Casales
Rosario De La Torre
Sergio Castaneda Del Real
Julianna Annett Fernandez
Gina Abarca Hernandez
Yuri Madrigal Herrera
Maysee Lee
Aracely Maldonado
Thelma K. Mercado
Denisse Monroy
Rosalva Gabriela Muniz
Cynthia Adriana Nunez
Maira Alejandra Nunez
Ana Rosa Ochoa Farias
Matthew J. Ornelas
Yolanda Reynoso Jimenez
Amy Christine Rodrigues
Lidia Sanchez
Kou Thao
Lang Amy Thao
Reyna Magdalena Uribe
Cesar Valencia
Brian J Abraham
Valorie Ann Brown
Matt Davis
Paul C Delgado
Annreta Melissa Donaldson
Nathan P Dwight
Sergio Fuentes
Laura Garcia
Todd Neal Gray
Mallene Martin-Ramos
Monica Dawn Miranda
Abram Perea
Brittany Dawn Prather
Gina Sullivan
Josh Michael Weimer
Diamond Springs
Hilary R Johnston
Holly Christine Sandoval
Dos Palos
Antonio F Galindo
Shely Jelen
Gustavo Magana
Yolanda Magana
Abel Molina
Sergio Reynol Padilla
Cristina Velasco
Hollee A Coburn
Matthew Aaron Gomes
Elk Grove
Daniel D Dwelle
Sherrie Lynn Anderson
Socorro Ochoa Paz
Deidre Ann Siegman
Claudia Celina Aceves
Amanda Diane Ainsworth
Sarah Marie Avilla
Janay Andrea De Visser
Julia A Dorrepaal
Megan Hildi Durham
Grant Simon Goedhart
Michele Lynn Houser
Terry Bruce Kirkpatrick
Katherine Lynne O’Neill
Leia Faye Perruquet
Jena Lee Reid
Sharie J. Roark
Marcie Yvonne Ryan
Shannan Van Houten
Kimberly Ann Van Vliet
Karen Margarette Walden
Michelle Daneen Williams
David Koo
Rosalia Comonfort
Joseph Anthony Alonzo
Amanda Lyn Lagorio
Marc Steven Pino
Yarely Anabel Contreras
Cristina Campos
Fort Bragg
Blanca Estela Barrera
Samuel D Hodge
Tysheanna Antoinette Alewine
Rick J Cardoso
Alyss A Mendoza
Tiffani Carol-Ann Moore
Suzanne Christine Bryan
Nicole A Stinson
Sean Prescott Sessions
Randy Wade Davis
Matthew Scott Brady
Rochelle Cotta
Silvana Lea Duprel
Lindsay Noelle Filippini
Rita Franco Delgadillo
Marcela Franco
Janine Marie Gardner
Jonathan Robert Gerhart
Ermelinda Sousa Gois
Elizabeth Lopez
Pedro Ponce
Janet Lynn Purdom
Half Moon Bay
Christine Elizabeth Harms
Blanca Selene Alvarado
Kimberly Anne Edens
Marisela Arroyo
Shauna Ann Barringer
Melissa Sandra Carmo
Chris David Culver
Jon Mark Culver
Hans Arthur Derooy
Kaisa B. Freitas
Kishin Daniel Hamaguchi
Patricia Ann Holaday
Arminda Machado
Lacy Lorraine Marques
Ashley Diane Mendes
Matthew Henry Mouro
Julie Ann Oliveira
Nicholas R. Peterson
Lory Lee Plancarte
Lourdes Gabriela Santos
Joshua Aaron Seward
John Bert Steffen
Fabiola Valadez
Virginia Valadez
Elia Cristina Valencia
Yecenia Alfaro
Guadalupe Arroyo-Solis
Yolanda M Diaz
Gabriel Gaitan
Susana Gonzalez
Genaro Lozano
Rosalie Melgarejo
Erica Sandra Molina
Julio Cesar Ortiz
Maria Isabel Romero
Kamaljit K Dosanjh
Parveen Dosanjh
Gerald Alan Galazin
Patrick Casey Giffen
Angelberto Salvador Gonzalez
Enrique Gonzalez
Patricia Guerrero
Randee D Harcrow
Diandra Sara Hilton
Josephine Vanessa Hilton
Gregory C Hixenbaugh
Andrea Renee Jensen
Jessica Josephine Lopez
Duy Manh Luong
Vanessa Christine Morris
Raquel Nell Morshead
Cynthia Gonzalez Newsome
Susane Maria Reis
Rodolfo Robles
Jose Ernesto Rodriguez
Craig Allen Schaurer
Kevin Leroy Smith
Krishawn Helene Stone
Katy Savannah Theodozio
Kacie Gail Trammell
Miriam Ann White
Nancy D. Zermeno
Huntington Beach
Austin Alan Davis
Tiffany Diane Stephens
Tina Marie Olson
Megan Marie Taylor
Jaime Nicole Feldman
Jillian M Bartgis
Carol Dianne Cruz
Francesca Melanie De Luca
Ashley Christina Townsend
Joshua Tree
Jennifer L Steffler
Mallory J Carpenter
Sara Ann Brookes
Stephanie Michelle Mathieu
James N Parra
King City
Jose A Morales
Joshua R Rodriguez
Crystal I Villanueva
Cody Joseph Penfold
La Grange
Cristina Rose Blevins
Frances J Davenport
La Puente
Donna T Nguyen
La Verne
Haley Elizabeth Bermudez
Jennifer Lynn Andre
Marissa Morgan Canosa
Amber Renae Hulsey
Scott Glenn Johnson
David M Zimmerman
Roslyn A Brown
Yvonne Montero Cabero
Katrina N Chacon
Glenn B Clough
Priscilla Ann-Marie Cornish
Diana M Guevara-Nevarez
Leslie Lemus
Tara Pamela Velasco Macadangdang
Starla Ann Marquez
Karina Martinez
Melissa Christine Moebius
Olga Lydia Montiel
Irene Virginia Munguia
Stephanie Amorette Portillo
Patricia Maria Scott
Le Grand
Elisabet Nereyda Pulido
Irene Vera
Refugio C Hinojoza
Ryan Burton Owens
Kerri Kathleen Smoley
Heather Ruth-Ann Stewart
Jennifer Ann Allen
Brandi D Absood
Karina Alvarado
Ramon Refugio Avila
Celina Belmonte
Adrian Benitez
Ancelia M Carlos
Leydy Laura Cervantes
Lorena Maribel Cobarrubias
Anita Dhanota
Sanjeet Dhanota
Kuljeet Dola
Martha Angelica Fuentes
Yesenia Galvan
Hector J Garcia
Jordan Scott Gausling
Sukhdeep K Gill
Alejandra Godinez
Elena Rosa Guzman
Maria A. Jeronimo
Amardeep Singh Kung
Cristina Maldonado
Raymond Alexander Maravilla
Evelina Martinez
Megan Leann Martinez
Ana Cristina Millan
Zeferino Millan
Susan Pabla
Maria De Jesus Patino
Ravinder Kaur Randhawa
Navjeet Sahota
Edit Salazar
Rebecca Ann Samalino
Simarjit Kaur Samra
Rajbir Kaur Sangha
Dupinder Kaur Sidhu
Nishan Singh
Melissa Vasquez
Stacey Renee Adolf
Misty Marie Brown
Nicole Scharli Cross
Ryan Paul Delany
Jacqulyn A Dooley
Mysa S. Ghareeb
Marisela R Juarez
Rebecca Arlene Lane
Arturo Leyva Zamora
Reyna Leyva
Rebecca L Lipelt
Matthew S Martinez
Zachary Edward Nathan
Lauren Marie Plines
Steven Scott Ramsower
Deborah Danielle Schnell
Anthony Trevor Taylor
Julie Ann Young
Demetrios John Zarefakis
Los Banos
Alexander R Aldana
Daniel Andrew Baca
Bodie Lynn Bloxham
Jaci L Burns
Sarah Kaye Burr
Juan Ramon Dardon
Michelle Schmidt Ferreira
Jesus Alexandro Gonzalez
Vanessa R Grijalva
Mark Edward Henley
Sara Maldonado
Iris Louise Mendoza
Jessie Rae Mendoza
Shannan Raye Michel
Susana Navarrete
Forrest William Parker
Irasema Pineda
Josh Constantino Pinheiro
Lisa L Rangel
Johnathan Michael Sams
Charron Kaye Smith
Darryl Williams
Joel W Wilson
Robin Suzanne Chapa
Amy M Godinez
Karen Lee Harris
Keith Allen Pasma
Ryan Christopher Wylie
Jenelle Katherine Anselmo
Harley J Becker
Kelsey A Bennett
Kimberly Ann Bennett
Trystan Patrick Blair
Lynette Marlene Boling
Christopher Ryan Bradford
Meghan Kathleen Brenner
Tina Mae Burch
Timothy Douglas Bywater
Carlos R. Carrasco
Kristen Nicole Casity
Matthew L. Castleman
Joseph Cergolj
Lacey Michelle Chamberlain
Mercedes Maria Clark
Mark Robert Conde
Jason R Dalton
Bryan Kyle Davis
Nicole Elizabeth Elling
Katrice Renee Farnsworth
Cynthia Leigh Fitzgerald-Musich
Joshua D Frederickson
Kristi K Galapon
Michele A Galindo
Jerry Jason Gammon
Jamie Lynn Green
Deborah Ann Guzman
Ashley Marie Hammarstrom
Jeremi Ryan Hastie
Rudy Michael Hernandez
Sylvia Yleana Herrera
Jennifer Holm
Ralph T Iscoff
Ryan Paul Johnson
Mary Elizabeth Junqueiro
Marc Joseph Kahn
Manpreet Kaur
Victoria Elaine Kirby
Martha Joy Klein
Carrie Lynn Leon
Enrique Lopez
Reyna Patricia Lopez
Vicente Lopez
Walter Moises Lopez
Alias Masudi
Rebecca E. Miller
Kevin J Mim
Dante Gerald Monty
Alice Nunez
Nolan Ortiz
Jennifer Elizabeth Proce
Devin Alexandra Raymond
Judy Kathleen Rushin
Matthew C Ryan
Alvena Maryam Safar
Paul E Serpa
Perry Dean Settlemoir
Suad Bassam Sharmouj
Simranjit Singh
Patricia Jane Wilson
Michelle A Wurtzler
Ryan Christopher Ballinger
Erika Franco
Robert Aguayo
Perla Rocio Alamo
Dana Carol Allen
Erika Lei Andrade
Veronica Avila
Danelia Birrueta Baltazar
Teresa Barajas
Luis Barragan
Kim Ann Bianchi
Thomas Wilson Briggs
Corey Craig Brown
James Hillard Brown
Rodrigo Calderon
Reynalda Cervantes
Tiffany Anne Chaddock
Meagan Frances Christensen
Breanne Nicole Christie
Sonia Elsa Contreras
Scott Donaldson
Shannon Noel Essig
Esperanza Flores
Brooke Anne Fuller
Paul Garrett Ghiglia
Jeanette Gonzalez
Ashley Elin Goss
Monica Rios Guerrero
Lindsy Gurden
Kenneth Waverly Hamel
Yeng Her
Candy M Hernandez
Enrique Hernandez
Martha Patricia Hernandez
Tong Lee Herr
Jamecia Jackson
Bhupinder Kaur
Navdeep Kaur
Jennifer Inez Kimbro
Michelle Fae Kittel
Stephanie Aileen Landavazo
See Lee
Patrice Cheri Little
Carlos Joseph Lopez
Ramon James Magdaleno
Juridia Maldonado
Jesualda Neves Matos
Pakou Mcgranahan
Johanna Yvette Medina
Christy Marisa Mendoza
Sophia Mendoza
William Walter Mitchell
Willie Wendell Mixon
Luis O Moran
Amanda K Moua
Kia Moua
Nou Moua
Sandy Moua
Efrain Muro Arellano
Vanessa Christine Noya
Ivette Gricel Olivares
Nicole C Ortiz
Abby Grace Peretz
Amanda Leann Pierce
Timothy Scott Pilkington
Jack Pornnang
Heather Marie Pulido
Nicholas D Ramirez
Roxanne Marie Renteria
Brenda H. Reyes
Somchit Saysamone Reyna
Janna Rodriguez
Zenaida Rodriguez
Richard E Ruiz
Cheng Fey Saechao
Nai Chow Saechao
Margaret Virginia Salas
Anastasia Patricia Sanchez
Allysha A. Sapien
Joseph Lee Shifflett
Adrienne Marie Sorenson
Jennifer Celeste Swiger
Manraj Singh Takhar
Christie Rinae Tapley
Julie P Thao
Diana Thompson
Dolores Alicia Torres Gomez
Cristalene Nicole Torres
Zachary Lee Urena
Choua Xiong Vang
Lisa Vang
Lou Vang
Pang Foua   Vang
Leonardo Villanueva
Megan Elizabeth Whitley
Danielle Lashean Windia
Mai Dee Yang
Mai Kia Yang
Mai Kou Yang
Shirley Ann Yang
Joseph I Young
Erika Zamora
Melinda Nicole Barnett
Peter Michael Gresh
Mission Viejo
Joelle Marie Fusaro
Mi-Wuk Village
John M Pradenas
Veronica Abreo
Lindsay Acevedo Alcarado
Darren G. Adams
Ian Atanacio Aguilar
Jaime Aguilar
Maria Daniela Aguilar
Dena Ahmad
Reyn Kauluhaimalama Akiona
Cheryl M. Albers
Martha Ilianna Alberto
Luis Miguel Aldaco
Eileen B Aleksani
Lori K Allison
Amel Mohamed Alsufi
Kristi Lee Amaral
Janaea Eve Ange
Erica Lehn Anthony
Jenice Arevalo
Yomaira Verenice Arreola
Guadalupe Arzola
Alexeiv Ayala Genel
Cody Matthew Azevedo
Marcia Jesus Azevedo
Shannon Marie Azevedo
Stefanie Brianne Baker
Jamie Lynn Balam
Anthony Edwin Ball
Kevin Leroy Bateman
Heidi Sarah Bauman
Lindsay Dawn Bava
Christina Becerra
Laura Margaret Beck
Lindsay Leah Beckett
Dora Evelyn Benavente
Fabiola Rosemarie Benavente
Mariam Jonathan Benjamin
Jeffrey John Bettencourt
Steven Anthony Bettencourt
Kellie Ann Biorn
Sian Victoria Blevins
Christina Lee Boddy
Anthony Dominic Boffa
Jennifer Michelle Bonilla
David Ronald Boone
Samantha Lynne Borba
Richard John Borger
Danielle Sue Boudreaux
Rosalie E. Bredenberg
Elizabeth A Briar
Charles E. Broadway
Seth A Bunce
Andrew Thomas Bunch
John Amos Burt
Joni Renee’ Busby
Elisa De La Torre Butler
Maribel Laxamana Cable
Melina Cabrera
Brent Michael Calvert
Jorge Gerrardo Camarena
Tina M Canalita
Gina Nicole Cappa
Teresa Ruth Carew
Veronica Carrera
Alexandria Candice Carrillo
Lolanda Carson
Carol Elaine Carter-Gilkison
Susanne Crystal Casey
Rebecca Elizabeth Castle
Trisha Rose Catti
Rachel Lee Chamousis
Eldwin Clay Chappell
Faith Chappell
Anthony Michael Charles
Sameth Chea
Hak Chhim
Jason Lee Christensen
Ashley Michelle Clement
Daniel Clifton
Heather Lynette Codinha
Leah Christina Codoni
Frank Alexander Coelho
Brandon Thomas Cogdill
Derek John Cole
Christine Ann Coley
Anthony Joseph Colp
Gary Rolanda Cooper
Cyndel Michelle Corgiat
Jeremy John Cornish
Leticia G Cortes
Paul E Couchman
Debra Jane Counts
John Frederick Crater
Melanie Lee Cron
Amanda Jayne Cronkhite
Laura Cuarenta
Kathryn Olivia Cuevas
Jennifer Lynn Cunningham
Aundrea Rosalie Davis
Zachary Kane Davis
Andrew Lowell Day
Yvonne Amy De La Cruz
Sukhwinder Kaur Deol
Lisa Marie Detherage
Sandeep Kaur Dhillon
Kelly Ann Dick
Rachel Marie Dickerson
Vivian Yen Diep
Sarah Marie Doornenbal
Susan Claire Dorville
Virginia Jean Drouin-Jones
Rachel Laroli Duenas
Christopher Robert Duff
Michael A. Dunn
Jennifer L. Dutcher
Cole Ryan Dutter
Sao Eang
Marie Elizabeth Elliott
Elizabeth K Enlow
Matt Vernon Ernst
Melissa Nicole Fastenau
Eric Featherston
Marisol Esther Fernandez
Esther R Ferris
Colin Wesley Filbrun
Jessica Ann Filbrun
Katherine A Findley
Brandon Scott Florence
Jessica Salas Franco
Meghan Elise Franksen
Jessica Cassandra Fritz
Vanessa Josephine Galvan
Rosanna Gamez
Bosky Mahesh Gandhi
Carrie Gann
Araceli Gonzalez Garcia
Victor Adan Garcia
Jose Luis Garibay
Tong Tong Huang Gatto
Jason Thomas Gehring
Jessica Ashley George
Dawn Elissa Gibson
Brynne Allise Gilham
Desirea May Gionta
Katherine Elise Giron
Sarah Lynn Glover
Roy Gomez
Joseph Edward Gonzales
Thomas Michael Goodwin
Vintrica Grant
Ryan Donald Green
Raymond Preston Gritton
Georgina Guerrero
Yvonne A Guerrero
Megan Ruth Guillen
Jennaca R Guldenpfennig
Jessica R Gutierrez
Autumn Michelle Haines
Kashmone Danielle Hamilton
Magic Meyon Hampton
Jamie Rachelle Hanchett
Tasheckka Keeshayla Hanible
Kathryn Anne Harlan
Steffen Miles Haro
Cammie Rae Harris
Bradley Kenneth Hart
Christine Ryan Hart
Larry James Hatfield
Esther Hauser
James Alan Hensley
Esmeralda Hernandez
Juana Maria Hernandez
Nelly Hernandez
Amber Lynn Hill
Peiman Hojjatijou
Tonya L Holmes
Molly Hoyt
Carissa Eyvette Hund
Mary Susan Ibrahim
Ruben Imperial
Anousith Inthavong
Lana Nahrain Isho
Heidi Sheree Jacobsen
Jack Jacques
David Aaron Jarrett
Cecilia Jimenez
Esperanza Garza Jimenez
Selena Maureen Jimenez
Ben Michael Johnson
Nichoel Twyla Johnson
Sarah Ann Johnson
Velton Jermaine Johnson
Shawndeep Singh Kahlon
Marissa Danae Kekke
Cynthia Dee Kelch
Anthony Kelianeh
Christina M Kelley
Joel William Kennedy
Cham Reurn Keo
Vilay Keokanock
Danella Janine Ketcham
Sonia Khaira
Natalie Neille Khedry
Manyvone Khounsamnane
Jason Lee Kight
Sean Christopher Kilger
Aaron Allen Kinerson
Shyleia Ann King
Christine Rae Kneller
Evelyne Anne Kowalski
Michael Paul Kramer
Emily Margret Kuehn
Karin Dawn Lancaster
Jessica Marie Larck
Sharri Leslie Lawrence
Elizabeth Gauchee Lee
Kit Ying Lee
Laura Alejandra Leon Camacho
Clarissa Marie Leon
Tarina Eva Marie Lewis
Grant Andrew Lilleston
Timothy Jacob Linaberry
Rachel Katherine Lipari
Whitney Lyn Loche
Josefina Lopez
Nicole Erin Lopez
Nathan Duane Lovaas
Sandra Lua
Richard Alan Lundberg
Lindsey Erin Lundquist
Todd Patrick Lundrigan
Christina Aleece Lunsford
Xochitl Jazmin Madrigal
Brett Ryan Mahoney
Michael Allen Malagon
Natalie Marie Malik
Sandeep Mann
Kathryn Dusadee Martin
Shellie Ann Martinez
Angelyne Elizabeth Martiniuc
Daniel S Mauterer
Michael Kelly Mc Dowell
Justine Danee McCullough
Christina Elizabeth McDonald
Kyle Weston Mckim
Viviana Medina
Yesenia Medina
Gilberto Mejia
Jesus Marquez Mendoza
Jacey K Menezes
Karen S Mesa
Kenneth Lee Meyer
Jason Michael Meyers
Nicholas Charles Milinazzo
John Michael Miller
Sarah Leonora Miller
Katherine Ruthann Molthen
Brian Moraca
Elizabeth Anne Moraca
Matthew Lee Morrison
Marc David Mortensen
Roger Moua
Donna L Moullette
James Garratt Mower
Brooke Ashleigh Munthe
Holly R Myers
Ramina F Napoleon
Kristine Peros Navarro
Ricardo Navarro
Nena Atourena Nesan
Jonathan Samuel Harvey Newnam
Ryan Christopher Nickell
Thomas Alan Nipper
Joanne Marie Nishiguchi
Maysa Nashat Odeh
Christine Nicole Ohm
Catherine Anne O’Malley
Ann Jennifer Oraha
Barbara Dawn Ork
Silvie Ella Orlando
Lesette B Ortiz
Shalini Pal
Megan Denise Pavley
Matthew Henry Peralta
Shannon Nicole Perry
Norma Phatdouang
Mary Genevieve Goroza Piamonte
Armando Pina
Rebecca Plaud
Sharon D Pohl
Aimee E Powers
Heather Nicole Pulido
Elizabeth Purto
Timothy Joseph Quinn
Amanda Jo Ragsdale
Jose De Jesus Ramirez
Yesenia R Ramirez
Stephanie Renee Reece
Amanda Elizabeth Reed
Keli Susanne Reinhardt
Tyler Lee Richardson
Elizabeth M Rightnour
Adris Y. Rihan
Rachel Rosalia Rios
Mayela Rivas
Katie Renee Roberts-Kremer
Christina Ann Robles
Philip Alexander Rocca
Kathina Helene Rocha
Sergio Valente Rocha
Emmanuel M. Rodarakis
Kristine Nicole Rodriguez
Danial M Rogers
Emily Marie Rogers
Teresa Albright Rogers
Veronica Rojas Soto
Gene Alvino Rojas
Ashley Jane Romeo
Jennifer Anne Root
Sophal Rorn
Sophal Ros
Manuel J. Rosales
Ronald Ramon Rose
Racquel Lynne Rualo
Jennifer Ellen Rugg
Christina Maria Ruiz
Tom Philip Ruth
Michelle Lynn Rydman
Susan A Saddik
Matthew David Sai
Melonie Lila Saleh
Matthew Bruce Sanders
Carolina Sarabia
John Martin Sarhadi
Christie Shauntay Schmidt
Mark J Scholl
Robert Smith Schonwald
Cyrise Colleen Scoles
Alejandro Serrato
Maija Lynn Shadinger
Jeremy Kent Shuman
Robert Charles Shurig
Cheryl Lynn Silva
John Dewey Silva
Julie Ann Silva
Selinda Silva
Aimee Jean Sims
Erin Christine Sinclair
Shanotte Jitasha Singh
Shradha S. Singh
Grant David Slovek
Amanda Morgan Smith
Nataly Maria Solis
Amy Lin Spencer
Jacqueline Zeta Spengler
Dianne M Stahl
Andrew Joseph Steelman
Kimberly Dawn Stephenson
Courtney Michelle Stevenson
Tyson Nicholas Stokman
Jeffrey Michael Stone
Floyd A Strickland
Paige Diane Sullivan
Nicole Renee Surber
Brian Steven Swain
Alyssa Nicole Talbot
David Christopher Tanaka
Jennifer Lynn Taylor
Luis Alberto Taype
Allyssa Rashelle Tidwell
Brittany Donn Top
Maria-Esther C Valenzuela
Michael Douglas Van Den Enden
Rochelle Leann Van Horn
Ashley Elizabeth Van Trease
Heather Nicole Van Trease
Russell Gordon Vancleave
Amy Louise Vander Meulen
Latisha Ann Vella
Patricia Vieyra
Diana Vilayrath
Kathryn Mary Villafana
Erica Diane Vincent
Natali Virgen
Denise Helen Vitorino
Lee Kim Vu
Glynn Zepolian Wallis
Sara Joy Walton
Alexandra Michelle Warner
Wendy Lee Watson
Cari Ann Wernicke
Craig A Wetherbee
Jennifer Louise Wharton
Joshua Michael Whiteside
Robert Andrew Wiegand
Stephen Pingchour Wong
Adriana Woodward
Jackson Xiong
Bao Yang
Ka Yang
Maibao Yang
Seng Yang
Yer Yang
Kristy M Yokosuka
Lenord T Younadam
Krizia Luise Lola Young
Teresa Gayle Young
Orlando Zaragoza
Josi L Bracey
Daniel George Andersen
Tomas Donnelly
Phillip Martin Pauley
Newbury Park
Megan M Ellicott
Theresa Maria Borrelli
Vivian Cervin
Emily Louise Cimino
Miguel Angel Diaz
Ivan Ernesto Escatel
Derrick Lee Garcia
Virginia Inthichack
Zenaida Ledezma
Viridiana Maldonado
Angela Maria Medeiros
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Janet Rodriguez
Melanie Marie Thompson
Jennifer Suzanne Villalobos
Ambar L Zamora
Jonathan Leander Bakken
Seana Lee Bennett
Danielle Lindsay Berg
Brittany Anne Boyatt
Jeffrey Martin Brockman
Shelly Angela Brown
Sierra Dawn Bryhni
Krystal Louise Campbell
Marisa Renee Caratachea
Richard Gerald Crawford
Jasmine Rosa Cuevas
Lisa Kathleen Destro
Bailey P Dibeck
Marissa Kay Dotinga
Heather Marie Dumas
Christopher Anne Engert
Melissa R Faria
Vivian Liseth Fernandez
Dana Jenell Fisher
Catherine A George
Heather Nicole Hanlon
Courtney Suzanne Hannink
Katie Susan Knell
Shristy J Kumar
Stephanie Ann La Roza
Michael Dean Maaske
Maryann M Macedo
Michele Lee Machado
Jennifer Marie Mack
Belinda Marquez
Margaret Eileen Masztal
Katrina L Metcalf
Adam Lee Morris
Kimberly Noel Morris
Tyson Wayne Mutoza
Misty Rose Panfalone
Anthony Joseph Pires
Stephanie Marie Preader
Jennifer Ann Price
Alondra Rodriguez
Elizabeth Ann Slatton
Ryan Manlio Stevenson
Matthew William Trent
James Neil Vermeulen
Melissa Marie Vieira
Vincent William Von Tersch
Breanne Denise Zellmer
Jamee S Harris
Iveeth Eugenia Valerio
Luis N Zelidon
Jennifer Megan Cutshaw
Eric Rivera
Megan J Kregger
Lauren N Templeton
Levina M Senesac
Kendall Anne Wadman
Palo Alto
Ariel Yosef Berwaldt
Danilo Lekic
Paso Robles
Maria S Martinez
Eufemia Nevarez
Rosa I Vargas
Renita Alexander
Brooke Michele Altamirano
David Herman Arendsee
Erica Ayala
Nicholas Welch De Pauw
Joseph Paul Fantozzi
Duvahn Endale Ferreira
Eric Henry Gnesa
John Christopher Herger
Natalie Ann Humphrey
Iris A Keller
Nicole Marie Macdowell
Yohuali Mandujano
Tarah Lynn Mccomak
Ciera Ashley Munro
Chris Anthony Nunes
Eduardo Nuno
Katlin Marie Peixotto
Jessica Lynne Ramirez
Carlos Trinidad
Corrin Shigeko Yamamoto
Justin Vallot Yarbrough
Lauren R McCarthy
Scott A Behrs
Amanda Lynette Peniche
Amanda Mae Moore
Maribel Baeza
Vanessa Michelle Diaz
Maria Y Garcia
Norma Garcia
Amalia Granados
Maria Angeles Morales
Limbania Moreno
Aurora Perez
Gabriela Regalado
Fatima P Silva
Elvia Leticia Vallejo
Kate Nicole Maduell
Dave Edward Matlock
Ashley Marie Olson
Kristina Rather
Lia Lai C Saechao
Yian C Saechao
Alexis Ariana Padilla
Megan Amber Wilson
Nicholas Trinidad Ball
Paul L. Bellin
Jeannette E Cordero
Jesus M. De La O
Nicole Nin Fa De Los Santos
Kristina Janae Fisher
Nicole Rachelle Fisher
John Eugene Fleming
Rachel Louise Frase
Marcos Rolando Garcia
Shelly Joanne Gates
Wendy R Goulet
Liron Dostekam Heath
Stephanie Ann Hudelson
Kyle Andrew Keeran
David Dewayne Lampkins
Tanya Nicole Machado
Nikki M Mcpherson
Erika L Melton
Jeremy Arthur Mulder
Joshua Thomas Ramey
Jessica Rae Rangel
Nicole Chantel Rivera
Julia Marie Robertson
Cole W Sanders
Joseph Robert Segura
Jami Lynne Shanahan
Roscoe Jay Van Duyn
Heather Michelle Wood
Ken William Zuidervaart
Jose Antonio Albor
Katy Jenay Burroughs
Ana Calderon
Monica C Chhim
Sharon Corrales
Susan Dawod
Scott William Elliott
David Garcia
Ana Maria Garnica
Basel Mohamad Gheith
Alexandra Chalea Griepp
Narciso Hernandez
Jeffrey Daniel Jennings
Idora Khangaldi
Kimberly Diane King
Carolyn M. Le
Nancy Judith Lizarraga
Carmen Lopez-Baez
Steven W MacInnes
Nicole Lynn Mattern
Veronica Ann Medina-Meza
Elizabeth Ruiz Meza
Orlando Moya
Aarti Ashika Narayan
Alicia Suzann O’Brien
Aleah Rachel Rosario
Suzi G Samuel
Gabriela Alma Sanchez Rivas
Bernadette Socorro Schell
Blake K Shaw
Heather Ann Smallwood
Jason A Soares
Lesya V Susid
Gregory M Swann
Miguel Toledo
Jesus Verduzco
Gabriela Vigil
Miguel Vigil
Olivia Vigil
Ricardo Villavicencio
Christopher James Weaver
Aileen Marie Yasin
Margarita Zamora
Stephanie Michelle Poole
Abraham Garcia
Ashli K McClary
Kasie Lynne Rozario
Rohnert Park
Nic Robert Pederson
Kristel Rose Anderson
Roman Jeffrey Duchateau
Brieanne A Markstrom
Chung Ku Ahn
Les Benjamin Anthony
Leah Christine Aseltine
Amanda Marie Martins
Lyndsey Renee Mcquade
Maribel Solis
Kimiko Christina Wright
Erin Barajas
Kristina Dawn Bethel
Ashlee Nichole Brum
Tamara M Butler
Tiffany M Butler
Henry V Castro
Joseph Philip Conboy
John De Dios
Lorena Duenas
Marissa Ruth Flores
Jose L Flores-Muniz
Jennifer A Garcia
Keith Adam Guerrero
Suzette M Jacobs
Kaljit Kaur
Cesar Padilla
David Alexander Rios
Sean Joseph Tomberlin
Tami L Trock
Tara I Garrison
Miguel A Uribe
Sarah Lynn Villar
Melissa Anne Whitehead
Ana Yepez
Lucila Yepez
Clodoaldo Zuniga
Alyssa Nicole Kaslin
Beret M Zander
San Diego
Benjamin Alan Foulger
Jacqueline   Garcia
Bianka Maribel Gonzalez
Jacqueline M Lepage
Solar Tito Siriphone
San Francisco
Shemeram Shari Lachin
San Jose
Helen Alesargez
Ricardo Calderon
Patricia Gonzalez-Cibrian
Jeffrey William Harter
Ahmad Itani
Guy Moses Mcgowan
Rebecca Aleece Pyle
Jena Leigh Swan
San Juan Bautista
Luz Erendira Gonzalez
San Mateo
Jessica Avendano
Vanessa Marie Cirelli
Christopher J Hayes
Santa Clarita
Laura A Wright
Santa Maria
Michelle C Coutu
Mallory E Peebles
Kristen M Smith
Benjamin Robert Moitoso
Jennifer Marie Price
Shelley Lynn Coats
Matthew Jonathon Devol
Brenda Nicole Dorsett
Jana Marie Evans
Gina Rebecca Garcia
Susanna Lynn Gray
Stephanie Leigh Hanks
Melissa A Jorge
Andrea Dawn Laney
Danielle Nicole Mathieu
Corey Russell Peters
Stephanie Michelle Popke
Jessica Elizabeth Reese
Sara Eve Smith
Tanya Jean Stokman
Sarah Coelho
Deanne Nicole Abernathy
Amy S Allen
Vanessa Sophia Alvarado
Mona Constancio Amador
Regina Rae Anfield
Laura Arellano
Maria Guadalupe Arevalo
Angel Napoleon Avalos
Luis Barrera Coronado
Pamela Anastasia Barrow
Maritza B Beavers
Alejandro Beltran
Aracely C Benavides
Michelle Dawn Benningfield
Nick Otto Berchtold
Tamara L Bewell
Conrad Duane Bierach
Alisha Marie Bills
Kathryn Blasingame
Eric James Bodary
Grant Edward Bonham
Kristen Noel Bowers
Richard Lawrence Bradford
Tiniece Jeanita Bradford
Andrew David Brooks
Zoe Ann Bryant
Dee Ann Buckner
Regina Renee Burgos
Cindy Cabero
Raquel Moreno Cabrera
Melissa Canela
Terry Cantu
Brenda Araceli Carrillo
Rafael Carrillo
Jazmin Maria Ceja
Crystal M Cervantes
Alex Chavira
Asia K Chhabra
Sinath Chhoun
Laura Melody Chin
Ryan Chua
Laticia J Clark
Alexander Ray Cordova
Jennifer Lea Correll
Monica Cortez
Jose Arzadon Cruz
Sheryl Lynn Mendoza Cruz
Sundeep Kaur Dadwal
Francisco Damian
Joselyn B. Davis
Dawn Denise Degrandmont
Danielle Renee Dilorenzo
Sinh T. Do
Danny Domingo
Fernando Corralejo Duarte
Gintell Michelle Dunlap
Richard Edmond Eales
Ryan David Eichhorn
Molly Sadie Emlinger
Raymond Anthony Escalante
Ronie Bacani Esquivel
Ashley Marie Fenton
James M Fetsch
Suzanne Elizabeth Fforde
Christina M Flores
Martha Jessica Flores
Javier Fuentes
Laura Patricia Garcia
Teresa Garcia
Michelle Marie Garibaldi
Christie Ann Giannecchini
Gloria Giraldo-Hurst
Michele Irene Godina
Stephanie Michelle Greaves
Myles Matthew Richards Griffin
Sarah Michelle Gruzas
Martha A Guadagnolo
Andrea Louise Handelman
Ais Hang
Ray A. Harris
Brenda Diane Hayes
Samnang Hem
Lou Chee Her
Gabriel Delacruz Heres
Christopher Aurthur Hernandez
Constance Korrine Herrera
Efrain Hinojosa
Toni N. Hoang
Torrie A Hughes
Kimleng In
Tonya M Jacobs
Jose Manuel Jimenez
Eddie Milton Jones
Shavone Shanta Jones
Khamla La Kannalikham
Manjit Kaur
Charles Edward Keen
Nafisha Shabnam Khan
Rinna Khut
Syla Jomnan Kim
Jamie Annette King
Doreen Lynn Knapp
Scott Walter Kriss
Thanh K. Le
Cher Lee
Shadai Aline Lescale Huante
Maryrose Leubner
May Lee Lo
Ashley Elizabeth Loduca
Catalina Lopez
Brenda B Lumagui
Yuko Macedo
Alexis Ilona Madrid
Joseph Roel Landayan Malvar
Michael J Mandujan
Alan Gerard Mangindin
Carmel Teresa Manto
Kimberly Marie Marroquin
La’Toya Jerene Marshall
Jason Andrew Martin
Kenneth Nolan Martin
Rachel Regina Martin
Jesus Pastor Martinez
Steven Rodolfo Martinez
Thomas I Mcknight
Lourdes E Medina
Jacki Lynn Montijo
Jenny Marie Moore
Sergio Morales
Deana M. Moss
Thomas Y. Moua
Vince Yeng Moua
Sarah Marlesa Munoz
Christy Milele Nance
Rene M Naranjo
Amit Anand Nathaniel
Jose Alfredo Nava
Judith Neri
Thanh Vu Nguyen
Yasmin Othman Nihad
Stephanie Estrella Ochoa
Antoinett F Olivares
Chante Marie Orlando
Eduardo Isidro Ortiz
Anne Sonia Otero
Catrice Lanette Owens-Swift
Jela Valenciano Paras
Jon Phillip Paunon
Kim Myong Pawlowicz
Carolyn Lawana Payne
Bunthy Phon
Nancy Crystal Ponce
Davuth Prum
Luisa Michelle Pullen
Michelle Marie Queirolo
Joseph Tuliao Quilantang
Guadalupe Raya
Kenyia Monique Reed
Erika Anne Reese
Patrick Michael Richards
Jared Michael Rine
Nora Rivera
Sheilena L. Roberts
Laura J Rodela
Benedicto Rodriguez
Deidra Rene Rodriguez
Sonia Rodriguez
Teresa M. Rodriguez
Phetkadai Arun Roeum
Michelle Catherine Romero
Sonia Rosas
Alicia Nicole Saffold
Daljit Kaur Saini
Aracely Salcedo
Toui Saly
Blanca Aurora Sanchez
Adriana M Sandoval
Brenda M. Schultz
Arnetta Scott
Brandonn Scott Sheldon
Felisa Jean Sison
Shawn Johnathan Sousa
Alice Stallworth
Eric Derral Stallworth
Jessica M Tacdol
Colin Manning Tedards
Bao Thao
Mong Hoai Huong Thi Tran
Regina Tuason
Maribel Vargas
Trisha Michael Vasquez
Sophanara Vath
Christina Beth Vidak
Janette Villa
Bao Vue
Mai Vue
Richard Euguene Walker
Leighann Lynn Wells
Alan Archer Whipple
Jovan Nicole Williams
Phyllis Y. Williams
Toni Renee Willis-Mack
Trevor Warren Womack
Danielle Renee Woodward
Billy Wayne Wright
Amy Elizabeth Wygant
Lo Xiong
Yeng Yang
Sharon Muriel Young
Studio City
Leandro Fabian Dottavio
Robert Brannon Alexander
Thomas W Janz
Stacy Rene Anastasio
Sabine Caroline Anderson
Manav Batra
Elisa Marie Beltran
Elizabeth Pearl Bloch
Thomas Lee Bumpers
Deanna Michelle Burgess
Jaime Lee Caputa
Eva Maria Carvalho
Brett Mung Lee Chong
Matthew Charles Collins
Deborah Ann Diaz
Samantha Jane Dubose
Maria Teresa Espinoza
Jason Mathew Freeman
Gina Garcia
Miguel Valencia Granillo
Nancy Lynn Guadagna
Meredith C Judd
Jason Khan
Moris Koochof
Maile Alofa Laban
Talitha D Maltbie
Rosemarie Nicolaysen
Troy Henry Parker
Jose Magano Parocua
Lynette Renee Pulkownik
Crystal Lynn Raj
Mostafa Ahmad Razawi
Logan Graham Robertson
Melissa E Sanchez
Tia R Shelley
Melissa Marie Sorensen
Sheri Lyn Weatherill
Traci Lynn Whittemore
Bethany Ann Wyant
April Marie Zendejas
Claudia Adriana Zuniga
Stacy Marie Esteves
Jerimy Gordon Munroe
Greg Dallas Pappas
Nineveh Abady
Jesica Aghasi
Mesret E Aimru
Michael Lynn Allen
Yesenia Alvarado
Jessica Joanne Anderson
Lea Diane Anderson
Ryan B Anderson
Michelle Ann Archambault
Marissa J Aredas
Andrew James Arellano
Daniel Arreguin
Desirea Lynn Ashley
Chelsea Alison Atherton
Iqbal Atwal
Noel Badalkolan
Danielle Nicole Bailey
Jasimen S Bailey
Joshua Michael Bailey
Patricia J Bailey
Yolanda Barajas
Michael Barksdale
Celina Soledad Barragan
Leticia Barrios Hernandez
Elizabeth I Bartenhagen
Kavita Bassi
Erica Lurie Beam
Romel T. Bebeleh
Samantha G Bengtson
Shari K Bennett-Jackson
Carol A Bittner
Alejandro Bocanegra
Michael Apollo Bogdanich
Lindsay M Bolner
Richard Victor Borashan
Britney Renee Borba
Khuswinder Singh Boyal
Amanda Lea Boyer
Martha F Bravo
Toni Michelle Brazil
Venessa Brazil
Jason Michael Brower
Chloe’ Victoria Brown
Jeffrey Scott Brown
Melody A Bughi
Tara Marie Burlingame
Sandra Nicole Burns
Christopher R Bye
Elia Inez Calderon
Ian R Caldwell
Santiago R Camargo
Karlee Ana Campbell
Hagar Jannane Cardenas
John Carella
Fred Gilmen Caron
Hector Eder Carrillo
Jennifer Michelle Carroll
Kelly Carroll
Chelsey Rene Carver-James
Jared Gregory Cash
Anthony Elias Castillo
Matthew L Cavanaugh
Logan Douglas Champion
Jack Richard Chandler
Kit Chang
Elia Lizatte Chavez
Fiona Melanie Chin
Chad Christopher Clark
Ashley Class
Kevin Joseph Close
Shelby J Cockrell
Andrea Collier
Sierra D Collins
Laura L Copeland
Josiah Paul Coughran
Dorothy Couto
Nicole Marie Cross
Martin Alex Crouse
Danielle Marie Dabney
Amy Marie Dabulewicz
Michael R Darmousseh
Jouliet F David
Morgan Thompson David
Desiree A Davidson
Danielle Nicole Dayton
Brianna D Decoteau
Jaspreet Kaur Dhaliwal
Muninder K Dhaliwal
Sandeep Dhaliwal
Jaskaran Singh Dhesi
Mitchell William Diers
Monique Rachele Digges
Wael Suliman Doum
Shawna Rebecca Dubyak
Leia N Durrant
Debbie Louise Dutra
Tiare Ann Dwight
Chelsea S Eads
Desmond B Eason
Ramoeil Eilyazadeh-Moushabad
Amber Elizabeth Elstad
Ahmad Eltejaye
Stephanie Jean Endsley
Kathryn Marie Escobar
Obalin Essavi
Wanda Lou Estep
James Kennith Fagan
Stephen A. Fanelli
Angelica Fierros
Dominic A Figueroa
Terrance Russell Fitzsimmons
Marquis D Fleming
Casey Fletcher
Cody Christian Fontes
Joey Silveira Franco
Sarah C Frerichs
Michelle L. Funk
Sheena Lee Fuson
Jason Lewis Galyen
Hannah E Gareis
Justine Nicole Gathright
Marci J Gentry
Eric Allan Genzoli
Jonathan Micheal George
Chelsea Dawn Gibbs
Aliya S Goedig
Jason L Goerz
Jeremy Robert Gomes
Martha D Gomez Cisneros
Javier Antonio Gomez
Juan Manuel Gonzalez
Stephanie Gonzalez
Erin L Greene
Hillaree Lyn Guay
Elsa Guerrero
Anya Gyeryen
Marissa Joann Hager
Shannon Grace Harper
Heather Noel Harrison
Justin Michael Hartsfield
Nathan Jerome Hedlind
Jacob Daniel Heise
Pa H Her
Diana R Heredia
Amber Marie Hernandez
Dulce Guadalupe Herrera
Robyn Michelle Hewitt
Branden L Hoffner
Garrett L Holtzen
Kenneth D Howenstine
Julie A Hunt
Erica Martien Isenberg
Vagif A Ismayil
Eric J Jackson
Nicole M Jacot
Brianna Rochelle Jakosa
Juan Carlos Jauregui
Catherine Dover H Jaureguy
D’Lonika M Jenkins-Carter
Duane A Jones
Marlene Brasil Jorge
Melanie Kaldani
Michael Kaldani
Arielle Faith Kann
Noreen Naaz Khan
Ramina Rakhel Khobyar
Elcid Khoshabian
Tatiana Khoubiar
Thavy Khut
Jessica Lee Kindberg
Eric Arthur Knapp
Zachariah Mark Koppers
Seemal Sanjana Kumar
Azusa Kuroda
Monica Lara
Jacquelyn Lee Lawrence
Lenit Lazarowechadeh
Sarah L Leal
Gina M Legault
Jamie Maryam Lellhame
Benjamin D Leonard
James R Lesondak Jr
Jorge Alberto Licea
Tabitha Ellen Lilly
Peter Matthew Lindbeck
Megan E Loghry
Durena M Long
Alissa C Ludolph
Isaac Lugo
Amber Jewel Lyon
Rebecca A Macedo
Josefina Elizabeth Madrigal
Mario Aristeo Madrigal
Teresa Maria Madruga
Joel Andrew Magana
Kala Leilani Mahelona
Roda Malco
Nenve Markas
Tim Nathaniel Martin
Ashley V. Martinez
Tracy Michelle Martinez
Vanessa R Martinez
Nile Mashaka
Angelica Mata
Alisa E Matson
Matthew Devar Mauchley
Sadie Kathryn Maxwell
Jessica G Mazariego
Paul Edward Maze
Amber C. Mccoy
Cianna Mejia
Laura Jeanne Merafuentes
Quannah Marie Meraz
Teneya Kayleen Merriam
Shunya Michikawa
Jean’Ann Marie Miller
Gale Rae Mink
Ashley Marie Moore
Crystal Morales
Lisa A Morales
Andy Jason Morgan
John C Morgan
Maksym Moroz
James Michael Morris
Laralyn Elaine Murphy
Anna Kate Nascimento
Andrew R Nelson
Andrea Lynn Nichols
Jeni Jean Oliver
Annette Victoria Olson
Jerett Christopher Olson
Stephanie Renee Oropesa
Janice Clewett Pace
Stefanie Jill Palmquist
Sean M Patterson
Kiani K Payne
Drew V Pearson
Kandice Nicole Pearson
Gregory James Pelton
Andrew Arthur Perez
Carlos Ramon Perez
Pearl Dinshah Perez
Amanda Kaitlin Pielstick
Lisa Nicole Pinkney
Terri Louise Pinkney
Arianna Maureen Pleitez
Jenna Noelle Plett
Amber Wilson Rafiq
Martin Ramos Jr
Ramanjot Randhawa
Nahrin Rashid
Noella Rashid
Myra Ratzesberger
Laura Lyn Rebsamen
Lisa Lyn Rebsamen
Katie Marie Renke
Robert Andrew Reyna
Moises Rico-Ramirez
Lisa Anne Rigdon
Marisol Cazares Rivas
Mark T Rivera
Terence Robinson
Chandra D Robson
Dustin Allen Rocha
Johanna Rodriguez Romo
Luis Daniel Roque
Samantha Lynn Rosa
Sara N Ross
Estefany Ruedas
Marie Ann Rushdoony
Maryam K Sabet
Michael E Salegui
Alina Salmani
Brian A Salzman
Elizabeth Ann Sandoval
Sundeep K Sanghera
Isho Jamil Sapper
Ramsina Sarkis
Petra Maria Schaaf
Mary B Schmidt
Johnathan D Schrader
Lindsey D Schuck
Amanda Marie Schweiner
Nineb S Shahbaz
Sharokina Shams
Benjamin Michael Siegel
Jaime Nicole Silva
Peggy Ann Silva
Ashveen K Singh
Ashwin Singh
Kelvin Deep Singh
Manpreet Singh
Shantel Singh
Allison Marie Smith
Catilla L Smith
Lauren Nicole Soto-Figueroa
Cameron Foster Spencer
Teena D Starchman
Christina Martha Stephenson
Tracy Lynn Stewart
Matthew Douglas Stidham
Jennifer L Stortroen
Jennifer Lynne Sturdivan
Mark Andrew Swanson
Gabriel Taffoya
Harmann Singh Takhar
Alexa Leigh Tallman
Amy Leah Taylor
Kyle Andrew Taylor
Todd J Thomas
Brian William Tobin
Ismael Tovar Jr
Satoru Tsuruta
Ashley Noelle Tucker
Jessica Renee Vadeboncoeur
Selene Valadez
Tasha Tudor Van Santen
Bryan Nicholas Van Vliet
Caitlin Marie Van Wormer
Chale Lindsay Varney
Matthew Delano Vasconcellos
John S. Vieira
Lindsey F Viltrakis
Justin Franklyn Vincent
Sarah Jane Wade
Richard Kyle Wagner
Jaspal Kaur Walia
Heather Marie Walker
Anne Marie Ward
Kory Paul Watanabe
Satomi Watanabe
Tiffany Anne Waterson
Shannon Renee Watts
Lance Franklin Weckerle
Jonathan Andrew Welch
Jeffrey Wells
Melissa Marie Wheeler
Tracy Elizabeth Wheelock
Bryan Thomas Whetstone
Jeremy Raymond Wiley
Ivie L Williams
Gary Louis Wolz
Janelle B Womack
Margaret Renee Womack
Matthew T Wood
Lindsay Rose Wright
Bee Xiong
Roubina Yadegarian
Elias Youhanna
Eddie Youkhana
Eilbra G Younan
Rosana Yousef Goarji
Megan Lenoir Yowell
Guadalupe Zaragoza
Twain Harte
Jessica Anne Allopenna
Kelly Leanne O’Geen-Baker
Stephanie Mitch Delacruz
Valley Springs
Jacob Dean Barrows
Brittany Rose Bruegel
Sarah Antonina Coelho
Jaclyn Lindsey McInturf
Kory Ann Mossa
Nicholas Mackay Clayton
Natalie Jean Thorup
Carlos Delgadillo-Perez
Amy Michelle Denton
Alysia A Harris
Nicole Ellen Jackson
John Sebastian Monzon
Cheryl Jean Rose Allen
Noemi D Benitez
Penny Marie Brennan
Jessica Lynn Clayworth
Jame’ Jo Devarona
Kristy Caroline Frantz
Douglas Scott Gilbert
Agustin Gonzalez
Priscilla L Hanks
Rachel Haslam
Tyler Christopher Headrick
Iris Carolina Hernandez
Scott Walter Jaffray
Esmeralda   Landeros
Fallon Betty Lemos
Judith G Martinez
Luis Fabian Munguia
Brenda Lee Munoz
Chandra Lee Renfrow
David Earl Seibert
Trevor Paul Souza
Joshua Peter Swanson
Jennifer Rene’ Turpitt
Araceli Valdez
Jonathan L Viss
Monique Marie Silveira
Yesenia Gonzalez
Julie Breon Goubert
David Guzman
Ramona Sicairos Armenta
Eva Garcia
Rocio Garcia
Judith Nobuko Ihrke
Sarah C Lewis
Marlene Lopez
Christina Magana
Angela Dawn Mckellar
Alicia Cruz Mendoza
Dora Nely Molina
Raul G Murguia
Anna Christina Ponce
Jose Sanchez
Jose A Villegas
Linda Luann Warkentin
Nang L Yang
Amanjit Kaur Samra
Nicholas A Froehlich
Monica Susan Hull
Adam Lee Fonville
Denver, CO
La Shauna Marie Boughton
Littleton, CO
Michael William Horvat
Westminster, CO
Jennesa Nicole Knight
Murphysboro, IL
Rick N Jones
Portland, OR
Erin Susan Hunt
American Fork, UT
Stephanie Diane Hansen
Woodbridge, VA
Deborah Natalie Rackham
Kennewick, WA
Christian Boyd Wilson
Sendai, Miyagi, Japan
Takashi Hayasaka

2009 California State University, Stanislaus
Master’s Degree Recipients
Fort Mohave, AZ
Christopher Douglas Mills
Angels Camp
Pamela Sue Short
Arroyo Grande
Kristin K Smith
Jessie Elizabeth Guerrero
Laren Renee Jones
Junko Mikell
Danielle Louise Mumford
Ashley Bernadette Murray
Jennifer Lynn Souza
Jeffrey Scott Swan
David Sean Tolliver
James G De Jong
Richard L. Beatty
Karol Lynn Eisenbeis
Kuldip Kaur
Vannaesia Ley
Kraig Lynn Magnussen
Jennifer Ann Peterson
Serena Suzanna Vazquez
Laurence Andrew Butler
Edward Franklin Gouzenne
Kathryn Gayle Slaght
Crows Landing
Anita A Marroquin
Dianna De Matos
Gabriela Munguia
Monika Palma
Coree Brown
Katherine J Newton
Stephanie L Noz
Neelam Dhesi
Elk Grove
Karen Yang Her
Katie L De Haan
Maria G. Rameno
Fair Oaks
Summer Marie Wyllie
Jenna Nicole Donald
Kathryn Lynn Cardoza
Lourdes Madrigal
Katie Keo
Rose Marie Depalma
Lori Marie Jones
Stephanie Corrine Crocker
Landon S. Juarez
Guadalupe Larios-Garcia
Evelyn Lopez Rodriguez
Bruce Ferrell Williams
Karen Patterson Mcgettigan
Brittany Michelle Cotta
Frances Lucinda Jaconette
Elizabeth Helen Bereta
Bernard Wango Mbugua
Jasmin Bains
Harminder Basra
Victoria Castro
Myrna E. Cervantes
Rose M Jones
Claudia Maricela Torres
Beverly Boone
Melissa M Cuevas
Elexia Velia Estrada
Janet A. Lenards
Jamin David Zywiciel
Robin Ann Zywiciel
Los Banos
Joshua Isaac Adams
Melanie Marie Cascia
Carolann Demoss
Juan Pablo Garcia-Martinez
Margaret Eileen Spiva
Tawny K. Wiley
Jose Bautista
Cathy A Burrows
Ogiram Wendy Chukwuka
Lisa Egan
Carolyn Anne Gilton
Audrey R. Greene
Kristofer Joal Ibarra
Matthew D Moberly
Gabriela O Nuno
Amy N Silva
Jennifer J Kato
Tony Morgan Amundson
Gloria Berumen
Bryan Wesley Cantrell
Stacie Lynn Dabbs-Vilciauskas
Melissa M Dailey
Joanne Marie Garcia
Christopher Ryan George
Evelyn Lorena Gonzalez
Robin Ann Hopper
Liliana Huichapan
Carmen Christel Ildefonzo
Robin J Kelly
Brandi Marie Marquez
Brooke J Oliver
Lesa Michelle Prine
Cortney Marie Regalo
Leslie M Teixeira
Ka Thao
Edward David Watland
Angela C Winek
Amy Michelle Womack
Thomas Xiong
Alexis Maivue Yang
Kia Yang
Monica Aguilar
Maria Ashley Alvarado
Alejandro Armando Alvarez
Abraham S Andres
Sarah Elizabeth Andrews
David E Bailey
Andrew E Baker
Crystal Yvette Barrera
Alexandra Barron
Laura Ranae Blom
Darlene Marie Carvalho
Amber Jo Castillon
Charleen C. Chituras
Phyllis D Crittendon
Dana J Culbertson
Tammy Jean Dolberry
Erica Michelle Dow
Nancy S East
Jeffery Glenn Edwards
Gabriela A Frank
Estrella T Garcia
Elisa Gomez
Tiffani Ann Grady-Partin
Robin Leanne Grayson
Sonia Alejandra Greer
Delores Dianne Hamilton
Tania Hermis
Jasjit S Hothi
Jason Kristofor Jackson
Julie Anne Jamison
Taran Nikkole Johnson
Eric Charles Knight
Nicole Laflamme
Stacey Lynn Laituri
Deally Lim
Tanya Marie Lucas
Genese M Lynch
Sarah Corinne Martin
Carol Rachael Mckibben
Maria D McMullen
Heidi M Meyer
Sherri L. Nelson
Jerry C. Ochoa
Kristin M Oosterkamp
Craig R. Orona
Vanessa L Portillo
Haris Mohammad Qidwai
Julian Ramirez
Ryan Nathaniel Redner
Anastacia Reeder
Saundra Kay Reeves
Christopher Micheal Resler
Georgiana L. Robinson
Maria I Rodriguez
Shareen Rosemary Saddik
Dezaree Maree Seeds
Jelina Murguia Seibert
Elyce L Silva
Katrina Ann Silva
Leah A Sipes
Robert David Souza
Chantal M Stendardo
Marlin Ray Sumpter
Shiku Warvingi Takahashi
Pauline M Telya
Lorna Stephanie Trujillo
Starlett S Turner
Amy Elizabeth Underwood
Gabriela B. Vega
Kyle Joseph Weinheimer
Pamela Sue Werb
Lindsay Joy Whatcott
Marcus Lee Wirowek
Robert Scott Worthington
Mountain House
Raghuram Prasad Nallagatla
Mountain House
Nathan Manuel Amarante
Sara Manuela Azevedo
Jennifer L Duarte
Josefina Sandoval-Velasquez
Lisa Lynn Anglim
Kelley A. Blanc
L George Hoover
Nilda I. Kindorf
Sean Alexander Scully
Craig Alan Springer
Amy M Castillo
Jesse Ceja
Norma Luna
Jeffrey Scott
Maria R Rodriguez
Michael Terrance Todd
Juan Jose Alvarez
Kim C. Anderson
Paul Vincent Anema
Monica Laray Brandrup
Roland Henri Davis
Sherwin Scott Heyboer
Eunice Lebrun
Curtis James Robinson
Sumbo Boravuth Chea
Gabriela Mendez
Aishah Zahra Saleh
Cynthia Velazquez
Ronald L. Weltmer
Sami   Younan
Nicole Justine White
San Luis Obispo
Charissa Ann Ratto
San Pedro
Andrew N Janz
Santa Clara
Anne Barbara Walls
Martine Rosa Dalmas
Travis Jordan Howell
Amanda Brooke Hughes
Lindsay Rose Laney
Marele Martignoni
Erika Yvonne Adams
Mary Margaret Alt
Rae Danielle Anderson
Arica Ann Arucan
Eric Barajas
Kevin Arthur Beltz
Christopher Briggs
Nancy Elizabeth Brownlow
Alice Lisa Buffo
Lee Chang
Donald Wayne Coate
Corey Clinton Deguire
Elizabeth Diaz
Quincy A Dyson
Carol Jean Edenfield
Priscilla B Ellis-White
Courtney L. Flores
Agustin Queblatin Fua
Ceferina Garcia
Courtney Lashea Gibbs
Bobby G Goodman
Marcus H. Goodman
Susan Her
Cynthia Estelle Hill
Quentin Michael Huaman
Charlotte Veronica Hunter-Brown
Marvin Javar Jackson
Stephen Charles Larson
Bo Lee
Valori Adrienne Lee
Lakeshia L Livingston
Ashley Alisha Lopez
Gerardo G Martinez
Steve G. Mcgill
Carlos David Melendez
Laura Moreno
Patrick Dale Mullin
David Myers
Michell T Noriega
Stephanie Renee Orellana
Kristin Dene’t Poggio
Raul Humberto Presas
Donna Lee Salvi
Somchai Thienpothong
Tarry C. Torres
Juan Gabriel Villanueva
Billy Bounmee Vongsa
Von Ryan Wallin
Kimberly Antionette Warmsley
Jason Toby Winslow
Jason S Chiwala
Kiran Kumar Dasari
Jane Ann Mcnamara
Chetan Kumar Mrutyunjaya
Vance A Prather
Melissa Marie Valle
Mary T. Vink
Kyle Richard Vital
Julie Marie Witczak
Bruce D Adams
Daniel F. Aguilar
Jessica R Bailey
Sally F Baker
Joao-Felipe Burroughs Bettencourt
Amy Marie Boylan-Mendes
Claudia Brimoanbi
Pai Chang
Lanie Bao Chang-Xiong
Jennifer L Collins
Teri I Cox
Aerynn Tovah Tahirih Dighton
Sarah Lynne Endsley
Anna M. Eshoo
Stacey Lee Foster
Patricia J. Frahm
Maribel Garcia – Gutierrez
Ramika Golan
Benjamin M Gray
Marisa Erin Jones
Teresa Ann Kellstrom
Maia Leigh Langille-Tobin
Heidi Ann Lawler
Joung Chan Lee
Albert S Martins
Kristin L Miranda
Victor Mitre
Tori Noel Morgan
Joshua M Morriston
Lydia Nava
Mark A Perry
Graciela Ponte
Lantz Hansen Rey
Jennie Christine Richmond
Rachel Anna Rogers
Nancy Ruedas
Pardeep Saini
Amandeep Singh Sanghera
Hardeep Singh Sanghera
Lisette A. Santos
Jennifer Lynn Shaw
Stefanie M Shea-Akers
Gregory Scott Shuping
Ryan Stanton Smith
Temica Smith
Lauren F Smoldt
Rosanne Marie Sobota
Samuel A Touma
Donna J Vasko
Mary Ushana Williams
Value Xiong
Union City
Sukhdeep Suprai
Beverly Aline Schock
Valley Springs
Beverly J. Dir
James Andrew Reed
Therese A Lunt
Michelle Ribeiro
Emily Arteaga
Toronto, ON
Svetlana Yuryevna Cheryachukina
Grants Pass, OR
Kari M Mendoza
Murfreesboro, TN
Crystal D Alstot
Seattle, WA
Robert Joseph Simmons

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