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CSU Stanislaus Hosts Kinesiology Olympics

Jonathan McCorkell/TurlockCityNews.com

Five years ago the Kinesiology Department was one of the smallest at California State University, Stanislaus — with only about 150 students — but this year the major is much more popular with more than 550 declared Kinesiology students.

In celebration of its continued growth, the 15th Annual Kinesiology Majors Olympics was held Wednesday at the Warrior Arena for all Kinesiology and Liberal Studies (PE concentration) majors.

The Olympics included nearly 100 students competing in nine events such as disc golf, hoola hoop races, canoe races, floor scooters, team planking, basketball passing and a timed strong person event pulling 65 pounds of weight about 25 yards.

Kinesiology professors Matt Fraze and Janice Herring, the Olympics organizer, explained the event is meant to build bonds between the kinesiology majors and to simply have a good time.

“Every event has a purpose related to kinesiology, like adaptive PE with the floor scooters,” said Fraze.

After competitors completed all nine events the top five pairs were ranked in each event, five points for first place, four for second and so on down to one point for fifth place.

The students with the highest point totals and the 2014 Kinesiology Olympic Champions were Hannah Cifuentes and Mike Lopes.

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