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CSU Stanislaus Reorganizes Colleges

The number of colleges at California State University Stanislaus has been reduced from six to four, however, according to the University, most students will probably not notice any difference.

The change is said to not have an impact on students in any substantive way, as existing departments and programs in the discontinued colleges will be folding into the remaining colleges.

The College of the Arts – which will now be known as the School of Arts – and the College of Human and Health Sciences are being eliminated, with the School of the Arts margining with the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The School of Nursing and the Department of Psychology and Child Development will move to the College of Natural Sciences. The Department of Social Work will also be transitioning to the College of Education.

The change is due to the state budget cuts and the threat of another $250 million cut to the CSU system should Proposition 30 – the governor’s tax initiative – not pass in the November election. Due to this possibility, the University has been looking at a number of ways to reduce ongoing expenses. According to CSU Stanislaus, the reorganization is expected to result in a cost savings of approximately $250,000 annually.

The decision to reorganize the colleges was due to a request from the University Budget Advisory Committee, and at the direction of the university president, an ad hoc college reorganization committee was formed in accordance with university police in late 2010.

The group, chaired by Dr. Ian Littlewood, reviewed the financial viability of college reorganization, and made a series of recommendations that were reviewed by a second ad hoc group chaired by Dr. Ken Schoenly. The Schoenly committee recommended a final reorganization plan. After the CSU Stanislaus Academic Senate recommended approval to Provost James Strong, it was forward to President Joseph Sheley, who made the final approval on the matter.

Although the changes may not impact the students, the names of the colleges may be changed to reflect their new compositions. According to the University, the faculty and administration of each college will decide on a recommendation for the name of their respective college this fall. President Sheley, however, will make the final decision on any name changes.

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