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Firefighters Rescue Dog at Turlock Wastewater Plant

Courtesy of Turlock Animal Services|

Turlock firefighters rescued a dog trapped in a hole at the Turlock Water Quality Control Facility plant late on Wednesday.

At 11:54 p.m., Turlock Fire Department Engine 32 responded to the scene and found the dog, a 65 pound German Shepherd, at the bottom rungs of a ladder at the bottom of a 15- or 20-foot shaft.

The shaft was in an area under construction. It appeared that the ladder was for worker access to the shaft.

The ladder sat on a 54-inch sewer line that was surrounded by water and other construction materials.

Engine 32 personnel lowered a harness and were able to secure it to dog’s torso. Firefighters were able to safely hoist the dog up and out of the hole with the help of Turlock police and water quality employees.

The dog was evaluated at the scene and appeared to be uninjured and happy to be out of the hole.

The dog was transferred to the Turlock Animal Control Center.

Where the dog came from and how it got stuck is currently under investigation.

Firefighters named the dog Tyler in honor of Tyler Seddon, a six-year-old boy from Rhode Island with leukemia. Tyler, a big fan of firefighters and police officers, will celebrate his seventh birthday soon and has requested birthday cards from first responders across the nation.

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