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Kaepernick Bets Shaved Eyebrow on Sunday’s Game?


If the stakes for the San Francisco 49er's match-up against their division rival Seattle Seahawks weren't high enough, they may have just been raised.

Electronic Arts, makers of the “Madden NFL 25” videogame, have released a video online (see below) that appears to show 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick wager his eyebrow against that of Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, pending the outcome of Sunday's game.

“Big game on Sunday,” Kaepernick says.

“Yup,” Wilson says. “You know what we should do? Whoever loses has to shave an eyebrow.”

“Alright,” Kaepernick says, shaking hands with Wilson. “Hope you don’t like your eyebrow.”

Kaepernick and Wilson both star in the ad campaign for the new “Madden NFL 25” game. The advertisements tell the fictional tale of the two meeting at summer camp while children. The two become “Madden” rivals, and go on to become quarterbacks only so they can beat each other in the videogame while playing as each other.

As such, the eyebrow bet could be a joke, or some next step in the ad campaign's story.

Wilsom acknowledged that Sunday's losing QB is unlikely to lose an eyebrow during a Tuesday radio interview with Dave “Softy” Mahler on 950 KJR-AM in Seattle.

“It was more of just a friendly, joking around type deal. It’s not real serious. We’ll probably do something digitally. Something like that,” Wilson said.

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