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New Scam Strikes TID Customers


Scammers are at it again, and this time they’re targeting Turlock Irrigation District customers.

According to TID spokesperson Calvin Curtin, some customers are receiving calls from fraudsters impersonating district employees.

The callers say that an electrical meter, or other TID equipment, needs to be replaced. They claim that otherwise houses could burn down, or appliances could be damaged.

The callers attempt to schedule an appointment to replace the meter, and sometimes request money up-front to perform the repairs.

The district is unsure what the scam looks to accomplish, Curtin said, as in most cases the scammers are looking to arrange visits and not requesting cash.

Currently, TID is only reporting the calls in the Ceres area. Other areas may be affected, however.

TID does occasionally send employees to homes and businesses to replace or read meters, but those employees always wear TID blue shirts and drive white vehicles emblazoned with a blue TID logo. All employees also have photo ID badges.

If customers are ever concerned about the identity of someone claiming to be a TID employee, they are advised to call 209-883-8222.

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