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Pitman Graduate Ally Mello Eliminated from “Amazing Race”

Courtesy of CBS|

Allison “Ally” Mello, 23, a Pitman High School graduate, and her partner Ashley Covert, 25, were eliminated last night from the hit CBS show, “The Amazing Race.”

Mello and Covert performed well in the race, making it to the final five out of 11 competing teams before being eliminated in the ninth leg.

This week’s episode began in Abu Dhabi as the five remaining teams left for Bandung, Indonesia at the same time.

Ironically enough given the ending, Mello and Covert started the leg impressively. After the first challenge, in which they had to get two rams to butt heads in a traditional Indonesian ceremony, Mello and Covert jumped out to second place. At one point during a taxi ride to the Kebun Binatang Bandung Zoo they edged ahead to first place.

Following the ram challenge the girls were met with a detour challenge in which they chose to feed elephants at the zoo. The challenge included going to a market, gathering the elephants' food, transporting it to the zoo and then using trolley carts to transport the food to the elephants. Unfortunately, Mello and Covert became confused and arrived at the zoo first in search of the trolley carts instead of going to the market to get the food, which included watermelons, potatoes and sugar canes.

As they looked around for the carts they realized they had fallen behind, and once they realized their mistake they found a taxi to take them to the market. Things turned ugly for a short time between the friends as they bickered about the decision to feed the elephants instead of taking the other detour challenge.

“Ally and I lost our cool with each other, we made it through the race without having a blow-up – until today,” said Mello.

Mello and Covert loaded their taxi with the food but the taxi driver wouldn’t allow them to take the sugar canes in the car due to their length. So the girls dropped off the food at the zoo and then had to make another trip back to the market to get the sugar canes.

As the Ice Queens finished the challenge they fell far behind other four teams, with little-to-no hope of recovery. After feeding the elephants they traveled to another location where they were met with a roadblock challenge to assemble a musical instrument known as an angklung. Ashley assembled it fairly quickly but it was already too late. Despite closing in on married emergency room doctors Travis and Nicole Jasper, the girls knew their race was over.

“So disappointing, we had such a good start to our day and now to have it completely ruined… It’s frustrating and I just feel helpless right now,” said Mello.

Mello and Covert walked to the finish line at the Bosscha Observatory hand-in-hand, visibly shaken by their defeat as both girls cried when they described their journey.

“We’ve been to seven countries and it’s a dream come true for us,” said Covert. “We wanted to make the top five and have fun.”

Mello commented on her Facebook page following her elimination.

“Sad to be eliminated tonight on the Amazing Race, but as I reflect back on the experience I can easily say that it was hands-down the best adventure of my life! Traveled to seven different countries, got to para-glide over Chile, zip-lined over a river into (the) Andes Mountains, shot a ballista in Portugal, took a speed boat ride to the arctic circle, drove stick-shift through the hills of Norway, took a 37 hr. cruise down the Norwegian Coast, learned to dance the polka in Poland, attempted to sing in German with an incredible boys choir in Austria, got to explore the 'Mosque that Unites the World,' took a free fall and repelled down the side of a building to ride in a Formula One car with a professional driver, drove up sand dunes in Abu Dhabi, met a beautiful camel and got to feed an elephant. Those are some major highlights of things that are obvious that I got to experience, but the part of the race that really changed my outlook on life was the people I met along the way. There are some amazing people in this world. I remember the people who couldn't understand us, but tried to help anyway. The locals who cheered for us, and the way I felt each time Ashley and I realized we are stronger than we imagined! Not too bad for a couple of young blondes ; ),” she wrote.

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