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Senator Denham Introduces Measure to Help Move Schools into the Digital Age

Sacramento – Many California schools cannot bring the digital age into the classroom because of outdated infrastructure.  Today, Senator Jeff Denham (R-Merced) introduced Senate Bill 252, which would allow the use of school deferred maintenance funds for education technology rewiring.
“For California to thrive in the 21st Century, our children must have access to digital-age education technology,” said Denham.  “My legislation would provide the flexibility to use already- available funds to modernize our schools.”
Existing law authorized school districts to create a deferred maintenance fund to repair or maintain school facilities, including the replacement of “electrical” systems.
SB 252 would amend the education code to include “technology wiring” under the “electrical” section of allowable uses of deferred maintenance funds.
For example, SB 252 would help school districts, like Central Union School District (Lemoore) – three of its four schools have wiring that is so old the school cannot get consistent internet connection in the classrooms.
“Aging infrastructure hampers teachers’ ability to bring students real world, real time information,” said Thomas Addington, the district’s assistant superintendent of human resources, special education and technology. “Senator Denham’s legislation is crucial for students to actually use the education technology that’s already in the classroom.”

The Central Valley Education Coalition is the sponsor of the bill.

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