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TK-6 Enrollment for Turlock Schools Begins at the End of June

Water polo, Dual Immersion, and other unique programs are among the reasons the Turlock Unified School District has garnered a population of over 13,000 students. For those wanting to be part of the TUSD, enrollment dates for new Transitional Kindergarten through sixth grade are quickly approaching.

TUSD will offer a Transitional Kindergarten program for children turning 5 years old by September 1.

With the TK program at TUSD, 5 year olds have the opportunity to begin their kindergarten experience with students their own age and provide children with hands on interactive learning. It serves as a bridge for 5 year olds between preschool and kindergarten.

A program such as TK will be offered at Wakefield Elementary, which will be planning to slowly integrate Dual Immersion starting at its school site. Other Schools in the District offering this program is Crowell, Earl, Medeiros, Brown, Cunningham, Julien, and Osborn TWI Academy.

One of the causes for increased enrollments and interdistrict transfers, is the Two Way Bilingual Immersion program, also known as Dual Immersion. The program’s goal is for children to develop high levels of proficiency in their first language, and also in a second language.

Programs like these have been a reason why Turlock Unified School District has seen interdistrict transfer students from around the area apply to TUSD over the years.

In 2015-16 year Turlock schools had 663 interdistrict transfer students entering the district.
TUSD programs like Dual Immersion at Osborn Two Way Immersion Academy were part of the attraction to the District.

Those interested in completing registration for TK programs will be required to provide, Immunization card, student birth certificate, current utility bill/rental agreement, a parent/guardian’s picture ID, and must be prepared to complete a registration card and home language survey.

Enrollment dates for New TK through sixth grade students will be accepted at in Room 106 of the District Office located at 1574 East Canal Drive from June 27th through July 26 from 8 AM to 3 PM. For students grades seventh through twelfth are asked to go to their home school office to enroll. Those with questions can call the District Office at 209-656-9872.


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