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Turlock Student Wins NFL Punt, Pass, & Kick Competition

Contributed from Philip Sanchez|

Medeiros Elementary School student Mya Sanchez, 8, won the National Football League’s Punt, Pass & Kick Competition San Francisco 49ers Team Championship for the third year in a row on Sunday.

Mya competed on-field at Candlestick Park prior to the San Francisco 49ers game versus the Seattle Seahawks to win the title.

Mya punted 50-feet 4-inches, threw 49-feet 1-inch, and kicked 32-feet to take home the crown with a combined total of 131-feet 5-inches. She received her trophy as the top 8 to 9-year-old girl during a halftime ceremony.

Mya’s proud dad, Philip, reports Mya received a special “good luck and congrats from her friend Colin Kaepernick.”

Mya advanced from Medeiros to a sectional competition in Sacramento, and then to the Team Championship in San Francisco. Participants are split up into age groups and then allowed one punt, one pass and one placekick. The total distance of the combined three attempts is measured for a total score.

Each attempt is measured by distance and accuracy along a straight line. Any deviation from the line is subtracted from the total distance, and measurements are made from where the ball first hits the ground. For example, if a participant throws the ball 100 feet down the line, and 30 feet to the right, the total score is 70 feet.

Though she won the San Francisco 49ers Team Championship, Mya will not proceed on to the National Championship. Only the top four nationwide performers in each age group proceed to the National Championship, to be contested during halftime of a NFL playoff game; Mya would have needed a total distance greater than 168-feet 6-inches to advance in her age group.

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