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  • Mark01 on Why do we need lawyers? "I agree with the second person. A criminal defense lawyer not only protects the rights of his client, but also helps him understand the complexities of the legal process. For example, a lawyer can help assess the evidentiary base, draft accusatory and defensive pleadings, and challenge unsubstantiated charges and penalties ."
  • david8hume on Where to Get Apostille Services in Los Angeles? "After going through countless essay service reviews, I decided to give EssayPro a try and I'm so glad I did! Their writers are so professional and they were able to deliver my perfect essay in a timely manner. I highly recommend their services!"
  • DD on test "cool"
  • Helen09 on Why do we need lawyers? "I would advise you to reconsider your views on the role of a lawyer in criminal cases. Lawyers not only represent the interests of their clients in court, but also help them understand their rights and obligations during the investigation and trial. Even if a person is innocent, he can get into a difficult situation and face misconduct by law enforcement agencies. A lawyer such as the one at will help protect his rights and interests ."
  • Mark01 on Shark games? "I love shark games too, especially because of their uniqueness and how they let you feel like a real shark. I played Jaws Unleashed, where you play as a great white shark that fights against humans and other dangerous creatures in the water ."
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